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Real Estate in the Colonial Zone: A Primer

The Colonial Zone is undergoing a dramatic improvement in its appearance and infrastructure. The ongoing government projects, which include new streets, building facade beautification, new water and sewer mains and more, have … [Read More...]

el conde zona colonial

The Best Cafes in the Colonial Zone

What could be more important to a burgeoning arts locale than its coffee and cafes? In our humble opinion... nothing! The Colonial Zone of Santo Domingo boasts several cafes where you can enjoy a good coffee while using the … [Read More...]

carlos goico

Featured Artist: Carlos Goico

Perhaps the most emblematic of all Colonial Zone artists is Carlos Goico. Although Goico died a few years ago, his presence in the Colonial Zone is still very much alive. He is present not just his works of art (he left … [Read More...]

carlos goico

Uncommon Art in the Colonial Zone

The Colonial Zone or Zona Colonial has a vibrant art scene that is quickly becoming Santo Domingo's new hot spot for exhibitions, galleries and shows. There are always art students coming and going from the Art School, … [Read More...]

Haitian Art

Haitian Art in the Colonial Zone

The whole world loves Haitian Art. Its universal appeal can be attributed to captivating scenes depicting vodou spirits and rituals, crowded market scenes, and fantastic landscapes. Also, the colorful and sometimes naive … [Read More...]